HCMZONE - GlobalAttendance

Support your employees during the corona virus outbreak.

  • Keep everyone Safe
  • Keep your customers informed
  • Manage workforce at different locations

Enable Work from Home in Minutes

Mobile and Geo based Easy to Use Attendance App to Streamline Payroll


Mobile and Geo based Attendance
Streamline Payroll

¢ 50 Per Employee Per Month/
₹ 35 Per Employee Per Month

  • Replace Biometric and avoid finger touch
  • Real time attendance
  • Selfie Picture
  • IMEI based control

3 Easy Steps to Kick Start

  1. Register
  2. Add /Mass Upload Employees – Just Employee Name, id and email
  3. Employees can download App and login
  • And you are good to go...Call us any time@+91-9028013279
global attendance

About Us


HCMZONE is the flagship product of IBSL ( www.ibsl-it.com )

IBSL brings the depth of business consulting across the spectrum of entreprise functions. For years together. We have touched the enterprises from People, Places and Technology perspective – with people always at the center.

An enthusiastic work environment creates a dynamic workforce and successful organization. HCMZONE has given us an opportunity to touch base of the work life of thousands of people and making them more productive, happy and dynamic.

HCMZONE covers the complete breath and depth of HR Functions. The best business practices have been incorporated from the experience of the HR heads of organizations who have worked with the Global Fortune 30.

To always enable the dynamic workforce we constantly innovate. We guide our customers through the required change management to implement the successful software.

Core HCMZONE Modules

01 Onboarding

02 Employee Profile

03 Payroll Management

04 Leave Management

05 Time Management

06 Performance Management

07 Recruitement Management

08 Training Management

09 Travel & Expences

10 Health & Safety

11 Seperation Management

12 Induction Management

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